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Added in super calls as tables that do not use a refreshTableModel were not functioning as expected (namely SSL). Added a null prefix check to prevent preferences from being stored when they shouldn't have.

Issue: MIRTH-1461

MIRTH-1717: Fixed bug where the Copy action wasn't being enabled/disabled properly in the right-click context menu.
Organizing imports and appending license

Issue: MIRTH-3501


Updated 'getUserCredentials' and 'getLatestUserCredentials' queries in Postgres, Oracle and Derby to ORDER BY PASSWORD_DATE DESC NULLS LAST.

This fixes the issue in which passwords with a null password_date are always recognized as the newest password.

Also updated all databases so that passwords with a null password_date are pruned by the 'prunePasswords' query.

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Updated the ExportFormat's destination flag to be the source instead of the destination. This boolean is ultimately propagated down to the MessageWriterFile which corrects the issue of map duplication. The format options were reorganized in the UI as well as the backend for consistency.

Issue: MIRTH-3488

Fixed Derby using ILIKE to perform case insensitive search

Issue: MIRTH-3636

Updated the deprecated message on MessageHeaders and MessageParameters to help the user track down the method that needs to be updated.

Issue: MIRTH-3449

Fixed seemingly random IOExceptions being thrown because completePendingCommand (con.closeReadFile()) was being called after the FTP connection's input stream was closed.

Issue: MIRTH-3632

Adding DBCP2 jar back to Server project because only it is copied to the server-lib folder.

Issue: MIRTH-3570


Included the isAttachments boolean flag from the actual export panel since it was not being passed in.

Issue: MIRTH-2423


Set the messageId within the constructor since it was not being done.

Issue: MIRTH-3520

MIRTH-3628: Fixed bug that caused old headers to get resent for new messages. Since the same Dispatch is used across multiple messages and the same request headers map was also used, each subsequent message would just continue to add more and more headers. Now when the dispatch is created the default headers are cached, and then for each message a completely new map is used to add custom headers.
MIRTH-3554: Fixed small bug where pressing Enter when editing the resource name caused the table to advance to the next row.
MIRTH-3626: Added code references/templates for the validate function. There are two versions, with or without the replacements array.

Reworked the dialogs to be more consistent with the rest of Mirth Connect.

Issue: MIRTH-3578


Fixed NPE in AlertWorker and NPE in AlertActionPane that occur when the user has an alert with an action protocol that has been uninstalled.

Fixed ConcurrentModificationException in AlertServlet.redactProtocolOptions.

Fixed the behavior of email-sending alert actions (like 'User' and 'Email') so that one email is sent for all these action types (combining recipients), rather than one email for each action type.

Merged the Dispatcher interface into the Protocol interface.


Fixed bug in Database Writer when attempting to create a connection to the external DB.


Buttons should now appear to be correct. Removed the additional panel as it was not needed. Components were directly added to the dialog instead. The dialog also no longer resizes.

Issue: MIRTH-2423


Removed reference to the DBCP library in the eclipse classpath since it was removed from the Server project.


The export and cancel buttons will no longer be cut off on the dialog.

Issue: MIRTH-2423


The regex label was split so that only the example expression is selectable as per Eric's suggestion. The focus is now inside the regex text field to be consistent with older versions.

Issue: MIRTH-3023


Updated the classes to be included in the shared userutil package to correct displaying of values.

Issue: MIRTH-3449


Updated the Data Pruner to enforce a minimum and made the tooltips/validation messages for the Archiver consistent with the Pruner.

Issue: MIRTH-3610


Modified the Database Writer (DatabaseDispatcherQuery) to no longer use BasicDataSource from DBCP, since it still attempts to invoke Connection.isValid, which fails when connecting to SQL Server if no validation query is supplied.

Replaced BasicDataSource with a custom SimpleDataSource class that persists a single connection and recreates the connection if any of the connection properties change or if the connection has been idle for more than 5 minutes.

Removed the retry feature since it relied on a Connection.isValid check to determine if a retry was needed due to the connection becoming stale. Since we now enforce an idle timeout, this should no longer be necessary.

Removed the dbcp2 library from the Server project since it is no longer used by any Server code.

MIRTH-3622: Fixed NullPointerException occurring in certain cases when switching to the Channel Writer on the destination panel.

Removed the MessageWriterVfs class since it has been replaced by MessageWriterFile.


Fixed memory leak when archiving or exporting messages.

Message exports no longer use commons-vfs, which is where the memory leak bug exists (commons-vfs remains in use by message importing for the time being).

Replaced the MessageWriterVfs class with a MessageWriterFile class that does not use commons-vfs.