MIRTH-3369: Added more information to the source map for DICOM Listeners. Variables for AETs, socket addresses/ports, AC/RQ contexts, presentation contexts, user principal, and TLS information were added.
MIRTH-3685: Modified the statistics update statements to use GREATEST (or CASE for SQL Server / Derby). This way statistics will be consistent and not allowed to go negative for both the in-memory Statistics cache and the actual values written to the database.
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MIRTH-4120: Added target to allow unit tests to be executed for extension projects as well.
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MIRTH-3871: Retrieving the next message ID should now be atomic for Derby as well. An exclusive lock is being placed on the table first, since the FOR UPDATE clause downgraded to a shared lock.
MIRTH-4055: Fixed the response status handling of the Web Service Sender to be more in line with how the HTTP Sender works. Now, the status will be forced to ERROR only when a SOAP fault is detected. In all other cases, the message will remain QUEUED.
MIRTH-4071: Fixed issue where the JavaScript authorization script stopped working after stopping/restarting an HTTP Listener. The shutdown method was being called in onStop, when it should have been called in onUndeploy.
MIRTH-4129: Fixed issue that caused metadata column searching to fail when invoking the GET endpoint and using certain operators.
MIRTH-3823: A new source transformer step called Destination Set Filter has been added. This allows easier use of the destination set filtering feature we added in 3.1. Users can select the behavior (remove, removeAllExcept, removeAll), the specific destinations to exclude, and the actual conditional logic, which is the same format as the Rule Builder.
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MIRTH-2337: Added a new Aggregate Results option on the Database Reader. When used, all rows in the selected result set will be aggregated together into a single message that is dispatched to the channel. The XML structure used is the same, except at all <result> nodes are inside a top-level parent called <results>. The Post-Process SQL options work essentially the same way, except that there's only one message ever, so all post-process actions are taken after the message has been processed through the channel.

If "After all rows" is selected and JavaScript mode is used a List of Map objects will be available in the JavaScript scope as the variable "results".

MIRTH-3732: Fixed issue that caused tags to be incorrectly set on new channels.
ROCKSOLID-336. Fix issue with negative values for statistics when reprocessing messages. We did this all in memory (rather than editing sql calls) because values in the display were not being updated, even after manual refresh. Users affected by this bug will need to manually clear statistics to remove negative values.

Statistics now has a new variable (allowNegatives) to control whether the object allows negative values or not. This is needed since some Statistics objects act as a 'diff' as opposed to being a counter for values.

MIRTH-4120: Set the server project in the client Ant build so that the unit test target can be run separately.
MIRTH-4116: Adding additional reason to the comment.
MIRTH-3662: Added the ability to retrieve and reattach attachments from completely separate channels/messages. There is a new option on the destination settings to allow users to decide whether or not to reattach attachments on the outbound dispatch. There is also a new "expanded" token syntax which is used when the aforementioned option is disabled. In this way you can have multiple channels in a chain, where the first channel actually extracts/stores the attachment, and the final channel reattaches on the way out, all without having to store/extract the attachment more than once.
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MIRTH-4120: Updated default build target to also run the unit tests.
MIRTH-4120: Updating svn:ignore.
MIRTH-4120: Updating svn:ignore.
MIRTH-4120: Overhauled the unit testing framework. Test libraries (JUnit) are now in separate folders, the tests themselves are in separate source folders, and there are now specific Ant targets on each project to facilitate running the unit tests.
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MIRTH-4116: Made tweak so that setting invalid/bogus values in the property don't cause the HTTPS server to come up in a non-working state.
MIRTH-3025: Made tweak to the Message Builder iterator script generation so that multi-dimensional arrays on the outbound (tmp) side get correctly created.
MIRTH-3025: Changed the characters used for indentation to be more cross-charset/OS friendly.
MIRTH-3025: The dialog shown when creating a new step from drag-and-drop will now allow both creating new iterators and choosing from existing ones.
MIRTH-3025: Additional tweak to ensure that the tabbed pane correctly showed a blank panel when deleting the last step/rule.
MIRTH-3025: Fixed issue causing index out of bounds errors when deleting a step/rule (only occurred during WebStart).
MIRTH-3025: Added new Assign To Iterator and Remove From Iterator tasks, and added new functionality to the wizard dialog so that users can choose between creating new or choosing existing Iterators.

The Assign To Iterator task can be used on any step/rule (even Iterators themselves). If one or more Iterators already exist, the dialog will have options to choose between new/existing. When assigning to an iterator, any properties in the step/rule will automatically be modified to inject index variables.

The Remove From Iterator goes the opposite way. It detaches a step/rule from its current parent, and reattaches to the grandparent. Properties in the step/rule will be removed as necessary.

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MIRTH-3025: Fixed issue that caused number literals to still be present in some cases.
MIRTH-3025: Added wizard dialog for auto-creating Iterators that shows up when dragging and dropping elements from the message tree. When dragging and dropping elements into step/rule properties, index variables will now also be automatically injected into the expression, based on the prefix substitutions set on the Iterator.
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MIRTH-4116: Setting the ephemeral Diffie-Hellman key size to 2048 by default. This is configurable in mirth.properties as well.
MIRTH-4114: Removed Triple DES cipher suites due to known vulnerabilities. These will also be removed from mirth.properties in migration.
MIRTH-4106: Updated copyright year to 2017.