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Now validating on the server that the username is unique when updating a user. This was only previously being done when creating a new user.

When the server fails validation for unique username, the Administrator is now properly handling the exception and showing a warning. The Administrator will also return false to indicate the user was not saved, instead of just continuing and doing bad things.

Updated the warning message when a username already exists.

Issue: MIRTH-3490

Added a tooltip for the server name.

Also stealth fixing the tooltip for queue buffer size.

Issue: MIRTH-2196

MIRTH-3264: Added the HttpComponents JARs to the classpath in the manager launcher manifest.
MIRTH-3372: Would help if I also included the form changes.
MIRTH-3372: Updated text for registration checkbox and added a tooltip to clarify the purpose of registering.
Updated the tooltip for Provide Usage Stats to better clarify what isn't sent.

Issue: MIRTH-3319



Updated migration code to be more graceful if elements are not where they are expected to be. Before MIRTH-3486 if migration failed for any reason, all of the changes already made in the migration code would still be saved even though the version was updated. This caused the same migration code to execute again even though the actions had already been performed, causing errors that wouldn't have normally occurred. Those issues shouldn't be possible anymore, but these changes still provide additional protection in case something unexpected like that does occur. We should implement future migration code to the same understanding, that it should still work even if the same changes had already been made

MIRTH-3486: Fixed bug that caused half-migrated data (e.g. channels) to get returned during deserialization. The InvalidChannel wrapper now takes in the XML string before any post-3.x migration occurs, instead of using the in-memory DonkeyElement which may have been modified. Callers like ObjectXMLSerializer and XStream converters have been modified to seri
Removed the caret from the notification name

Issue: MIRTH-3378

MIRTH-3372: Fixed bug that caused migration to fail when multiple users are present.
MIRTH-2196: Fixed bug that caused logins to fail for users without the View Server Settings permission. Now the client.getServerSettings() request is wrapped in a try..catch, and if the request fails (due to a 401 or otherwise), the server name is simply set to null.
Disabled highlighting in the notification's header.

Issue: MIRTH-3378

MIRTH-3416: Increased the default max connections from 10 to 20 in the 2.x->3.0.0 migration code.
Organizing Imports

Issue: MIRTH-3325

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Appending license

Issue: MIRTH-3325

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Fixed some stat names

Added some missing stats

Removed some unnecessary stats

Issue: MIRTH-3332


In Donkey's ChannelController, moved the retry logic added to createChannel() into the getLocalChannelId() method, since the server may also need to re-fetch the list of localChannelIds in the even that two servers are attempting to create donkey tables for the same channel.

Also added a 500 millisecond sleep in between retries to allow time for the server creating the donkey channel tables to finish.

MIRTH-3260: Added column control and right-click context menu to the channels table for showing/hiding columns (including the local channel ID). Visible columns are stored as user preference nodes, same as the message browser. The local channel ID is not part of the default visible columns.
MIRTH-3404: Added description label to the database tasks table.

Addressed problem when two server instances sharing the same database attempt to create channels at the same time. Both may obtain the same next local channel ID and the slower server will fail to insert the channel into D_CHANNELS with a duplicate key error.

Donkey's ChannelController.createChannel has been modified to detect a duplicate key exception and retry up to 2 more times to obtain the next local channel ID and create the channel.

MIRTH-3327: Fixed bug that caused multi-threading issues in serializing connector plugin properties. The MXParser used is now instantiated every time rather than only once, since it stores stateful information internally. The same change has been made in ChannelConverter and MapContentConverter.

Fixed the message sequence migration so that it only performs the migration if the D_MESSAGE_SEQUENCES table exists. If the user is migrating from version 2.x or if no channels had been previously deployed, then this table would not exist and the migration would throw an exception without this added check.

The default data pruner block size is now set to 50000

Issue: MIRTH-3474

MIRTH-1066: Added the ability for subclasses of FtpConnection to issue custom commands after a connection has been established.
Created a generic, custom event that can be used to dispatch events with custom properties. This is currently being used to dispatch alerting events for clustering.

Issue: MIRTH-3472


The server name is now cached in memory by DefaultConfigurationController, so that the database does not need to be accessed to fetch the server name.

Added a getServerName() method to ConfigurationController that returns the cached server name.


Made the 'UNKNOWN' deployed state haltable so that channels in an unknown state can be halted.