MIRTH-3430: Fixed validation in the destination settings panel to be consistent with the rest of the application.
MIRTH-3323: Fixed bug that caused the authentication yes/no property to not be saved properly.

Added the ability for extensions to override any of the controller classes represented in ControllerFactory, as well as the DataPrunerController, by putting a <controllerClasses> element in plugin.xml.

Moved logic that reads the available extensions from the filesystem from DefaultExtensionController into a separate 'ExtensionLoader' class that has no dependencies on any controller classes.

Removed hardcoded references to controller classes from specific extensions in DefaultControllerFactory, DataPrunerController and (donkey) ChannelController.

Added wrapper methods in ChannelController to Donkey's ChannelController to get and reset statistics, so that these methods can be overridden by an extension.

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MIRTH-3429: Fixed ClassCastException occurring when calling getResponseData() from an ImmutableConnectorMessage.
MIRTH-3428: Fixed bug that caused the HTTP Listener to throw exceptions when using the default response charset.
MIRTH-3427: The HTTP Listener is now setting the response status code before returning any response payload data to the client.
MIRTH-3389: Added a new database task for 3.1 to create indices on the message metadata tables.
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MIRTH-3425: Fixed NullPointerException occurring when a 204 response is returned to an HTTP Sender.
MIRTH-3326: Fixed small bug where the Delete button was enabled by default.
Updated the verbiage based on Nick's recommendation.

Issue: MIRTH-3048

SynchronizedSet needs to be explicitly synchronized on when iterating.

Issue: MIRTH-2761

The JavaScript Reader will no longer stop polling if a RuntimeException or Throwable occurs in finishDispatch.

Issue: MIRTH-3421

The userutil RawMessage now converts destinationMetaDataIds to Integer. This is needed because Rhino automatically casts JavaScript numbers to Double. This caused the values contained in the collection to not be Integers despite the compile time type. It appears to fail when iterating through the values and only from a build. This should guarantee that only Integer values make it to the Donkey RawMessage and beyond.

Issue: MIRTH-3392

Reverting to DBCP 1.4 since the snapshot build had a new bug.

Created the class PoolableConnection in the dbcp package so we can "override" the jar without recompiling it.

Backporting the fix for https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/DBCP-391 into the 1.4 release.

This fix actually introduced a new bug that was only fixed on the DBCP2 branch at revision 1568674.

Therefore I've also backported the fix for the new bug as well. It will (probably) work.

If we ever update the DBCP jar or switch to a different connection pool then this class will need to be removed.

Issue: MIRTH-3262

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  1. /trunk/server/src/org/apache/commons/dbcp
Added map variables to the 'toFormattedString()' method and verified the keys show up within the message browser.

Issue: MIRTH-3380

Renamed 'Channel Name:' label to 'Channel Id:'

Issue: MIRTH-2961

Removed getEngineExecutor and now performing the same tasks inline.

submitHaltTasks is no longer synchronized on the entire method. Instead it will shutdown the executor once outside the synchronized block and once within. This allows us to halt tasks even if the something else is holding the synchronized lock, such as restoring server configuration.

Added a helper method shutdownExecutor since the same thing is being done multiple times.

haltChannels now uses executePostMethodAbortPending so we don't run out of connections if multiple channels need to be halted.

Issue: MIRTH-3393

Fixed a comment that was still referencing organization name.
Removed organization name from server settings.
Added null checks to account for channel migration.

Issue: MIRTH-3380

Updated underlying source code variables to be more clear. Also added null checks for inserting variables from within the table.

Issue: MIRTH-3380

No longer creating the default truststore on startup. Removed truststore properties for new installations.

Issue: MIRTH-3414

Changed the description on the log4j migration to more generic.

Issue: MIRTH-3179

Added ability to inject map variables in the channel writer.

A metadata variable table was added to the channel writer which allows the user to input map keys, and a list was added to the VmDispatcherProperties to store the values from the table. The VmDispatcher attempts to replace each key by doing an ordered lookup across all maps. If the value is found, it is injected into the source map, otherwise it is ignored.

Issue: MIRTH-3380

Committed the correct version of log4j properties that changes the shutdown logging to undeploy.

Committed migration code to log recovery task properties.

Issue: MIRTH-3179

Messages are now logged on channel startup if and only if messages are being recovered for a channel.

This is done by setting a boolean flag to determine if a logging message has already occurred and checking whether or not the dao returns messages to be recovered. If logging has not occurred and there are messages to recover, a log statement will be sent to the dashboard.

If at the end of the process the boolean flag was found to be true, a message will be written to the dashboard stating that the process has completed.

log4j properties were also modified to reflect info logging for the RecoveryTask

Issue: MIRTH-3179

MIRTH-3404: Added a Database Tasks server settings panel. A new servlet and controller interface for this were added as well. Only one database task may be executed at a time. For now, three tasks were added, to drop the OLD_CHANNEL, OLD_MESSAGE, and OLD_ATTACHMENT tables.
Easy peasy

Issue: MIRTH-3159

Fixed bug where a connection would leak in JdbcDao if a SQLException occurred during a rollback. In the future though we shouldn't even be performing this rollback all the time. It should only be when an exception has occurred.

Issue: MIRTH-3412

Updated dbcp from 1.4 to the latest snapshot build of 1.5. The latest build fixes a bug where connections are not released back to the pool when network connectivity is lost. This appeared to happen primarily with Postgres. If an official build of 1.5 is released we should upgrade to that instead.

In the future we may want to upgrade to dbcp2 which will require all users to be on Java7.

Issue: MIRTH-3262