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Ignore the channel revision and last modified date when comparing the channel being passed in to the existing channel in the database. This will prevent the channel from being saved if the only thing that changed was the revision and/or the last modified date. The client/CLI take care of this by passing in the proper revision number, but the API alone does not.

Issue: MIRTH-1830

Defaulted channel list sort order in the Alert panel.

Issue: MIRTH-2065

Reverted change from SocketConnector to SelectChannelConnector because the SelectChannelConnector was not throwing an error if the port was already in use.

Issue: MIRTH-1975

Added back the old MapTypeHandler and set it to be used for maps instead of the SerializedObjectTypeHandler. Bug caused by MIRTH-1915.

Issue: MIRTH-2064

Improved wording of radio buttons and tooltips for including headers in the message/response content.

Issue: MIRTH-2060

Fixed typo for tooltip.

Issue: MIRTH-1564

Removed unnecessary clearing of the message outside of the while loop.

Issue: MIRTH-2058

Add new jars to svn:ignore
Whenever the end of the file is reached and there is something in the buffer, process that message. Previously, this logic would not have been called if an MSH segment was the last line read.

Issue: MIRTH-2058

Added error catching with friendly errors for invalid ports, to/from email addresses, and invalid email messages.

Issue: MIRTH-2056

Improved SMTP Test Email body content to include the SMTP IP and port specified.

Issue: MIRTH-2057

Added 0x7F to the invalid control characters list to display a red question mark for.

Issue: MIRTH-2000

Added not-yet-commons-ssl to server setup lib.

Issue: MIRTH-2050

Added not-yet-commons-ssl to manager.

Issue: MIRTH-2050

Added not-yet-commons-ssl to manager.

Issue: MIRTH-2050

Added mirth-crypto to server setup lib.

Issue: MIRTH-2050

Added mirth-crypto to the manager lib.

Issue: MIRTH-2050

Moved all UI updates for the message popups and the tray icon in ManagerController into the SwingWorker done methods. Changed the logic of the start/stop/restart methods to return the error message if there is one. Reverted invokeLater changes to ManagerTray since they are no longer necessary.

Issue: MIRTH-2050

Changed the tray icon to be set with invokeLater

Issue: MIRTH-2050

Changed the status dialogs to be displayed using invokeLater.

Issue: MIRTH-2050

Switched params on version comparison to avoid IndexOutOfBounds with version numbers.

Issue: MIRTH-2047

Moved the edit channel action from importing a channel into an invokeLater block so that it doesn't execute while the drag and drop handler is still waiting for the import method to return. This seems to fix the memory access error that kills the Administrator JVM on OS X.

Also fixed a bug that would cause two invalid channel popups if an exception happened when converting the channel string, before trying to serialize it.

Issue: MIRTH-2048

Updated so that the keystore.type property is not needed. Instead we do a version check to see if we are running a pre-2.2 version and load the keystore as JKS accordingly.

Issue: MIRTH-2047

Fixed bug where keystore.type property was not being saved to properties file.

Issue: MIRTH-2047

MIRTH-1726 - GRACE_PERIOD_START was being added to the wrong table during the SQL Server migration.

MIRTH-2049 - Fixed syntax for encryption key migration on SQL Server.

Updated to migrate keystore after database migration.

Issue: MIRTH-2047

Added tooltips to the options on the channel summary tab.

Issue: MIRTH-2046

Updated to close FOS after saving keystore file.

Issue: MIRTH-1919

Removed NOT NULL since it is already set on the column.

Issue: MIRTH-2045

Disabled html rendering in MirthTree labels.

Issue: MIRTH-2040