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MIRTH-3732: Overhauled tags and filtering on the Dashboard and Channels views.

Inside the Channel Edit view, the tags are now set using a single field component, rather than a table. On the Dashboard and Channels views, the wrench icon at the bottom-left has been replaced by the same field component. This filter field can be used to enter tags, specific channels, or free text. If free text is used, it will match on the channel name (ignoring case).

For the dashboard, the filtering is actually done on the server side, so it can potentially speed up dashboard refresh requests for instances that have a lot of channels.

On both views, there are new buttons in the bottom-right, to switch how tags are visible on each channel (either an icon with tool-tip, or a bubble-text label).

There is also a new settings tab for tag configuration. On this view the user can see at a glance how many tags there are across the entire server. The names and background colors can be changed, and channels can be bulk-selected across multiple tags at once. Tags can be added or removed from this view as well.

User Auth permissions for view/manage were added as well.

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MIRTH-3775: Updated the Filtered Only feature to *not* remove any content if any connector message has a status of ERROR.
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MIRTH-3775: Added the ability to remove only FILTERED messages on completion. This will apply even if other connector messages have an errored status. Attachments will still only be removed if the entire message does not have any errors.
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MIRTH-1892: Completely overhauled how code templates work in Mirth Connect.

There is now the notion of code template libraries, that contain code templates. Libraries may selectively linked to specific channels, so that not all code templates have to be included on all channels all the time, which is how it worked before.

Code templates themselves now contain a "context set", which is basically a set of specific JavaScript contexts within which the template will be included. Users may fine-tune the context set and choose exactly where a code template can and cannot be included. For example, you can now create a code template that is only accessible in the global deploy script and nowhere else.

Code templates and libraries are stored in the database and handled by the controller very much the same way channels are. There are synchronized caches for both the code templates and libraries. To facilitate that, code templates now have revision numbers. This also means that in the Administrator, the code templates edit view will prompt you if you try to save a code template and the revision has changed (indicating that someone else has already updated the same template).

Since libraries are linked to channels, when you export a channel you may also choose to export the code template libraries that are linked to it. The libraries are included in the actual channel XML, so you don't have to remember to import a separate file. Also the "Set Libraries" dialog has been refactored into a more general "Set Dependencies" dialog, which has tabs for both the resources and code template libraries. In this dialog you can view which libraries and templates are currently included on a channel, and you can also enable/disable libraries.

The code templates view has been completely rewritten. The table is now a tree table, to accommodate both libraries and their associated code templates. Users can still "export all" like they could before, but now they can also choose to export a single code template, or a single library of templates. When you import code templates or libraries, you're now presented with a dialog that allows you to resolve name conflicts and see other warnings about library assignment.

JavaScript auto-completion previously supported user-defined code templates, but now support has been improved because users can specify individual descriptions and types for arguments, as well as the return type/description for a function. Those are defined in the code itself by creating a Javadoc-style comment block at the beginning. New code templates will already have this by default, but there is also a button in the edit view to auto-generate the documentation for you.

The Dashboard and Channels views will now show an indicator if code templates linked to a channel have changed or not. The existing revision delta column will still be highlighted if the revision has changed since the channel was last deployed, but now it will also be highlighted if any linked code templates have changed.

On migration the entire code template table will be renamed to OLD_CODE_TEMPLATE. Then the pre-existing code templates will all be migrated into the new table structure under a placeholder library, which will be included on all channels by default. All context sets will also be appropriately migrated too, so the actual behavior of code templates within channels should remain the same after an upgrade. A database task for removing the old table has also been added.

The CLI's code template support has also been vastly improved. You can now list code templates or libraries, and import/export/remove individual ones (using the same search criteria you use for channels).

The Channel History extension now also supports code templates...

Other issues this affects: MIRTH-1547, MIRTH-1276, MIRTH-1529, MIRTH-1210, MIRTH-1067, MIRTH-1623, MIRTH-3651, MIRTH-3019, MIRTH-2557, MIRTH-2635, MIRTH-1059, MIRTH-3758, MIRTH-3759, MIRTH-3760

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MIRTH-3554: A new set of plugin points have been added to allow shared resources for channels/connectors to be configured. There is a new "Resources" tab in the Settings view where resources can be added/modified. Each resource has a type, for example "Library", "Mirth Results", or "Database". The first resource cannot be removed, and by default it uses the Library type, and points to the custom-lib directory. Any new channel/connector created (as well as migrated channels/connectors) will use the custom-lib resource by default.

MIRTH-3553: The way Rhino context factories are created and used has been completely overhauled to allow isolated contexts with specific classloaders. This allows custom libraries to be included within Mirth Connect channels *without* a server restart. This applies not only to JavaScript contexts, but also to other places in Mirth Connect where custom libraries might be used, like the Web Service Listener, Database connectors, JMS connectors, and custom attachment handler. When a context factory change is detected, the associated script is automatically re-compiled with the new context (and new sealed/shared scope). A new ContextFactoryController has been added to take control of context factory creation/reloading; everything that needs a context factory will request it from the controller. The library resources added with MIRTH-3554 tie into the controller as well.

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MIRTH-2219: The channel ID is now selectable in the channel summary view. The actual component is a text field, but it's non-editable with no border so it looks like a regular label.
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Renamed ChannelState to DeployedState since connectors use it too. These are states that are only used by deployed components. Connector state changes now also dispatch a DeployedState event.

Renamed ChannelEvent (and all related classes) to DeployedStateEvent.

Renamed ConnectorEvent (and all related classes) to ConnectionStatusEvent to more accurately describes its intended use.

Updated WebAdmin classpath to reference the donkey model and mirth client core directly instead of referencing jars.



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Lowered height and width requirements for channel setup page, alert edit page, and message browser.

Fixed horizontal scroll bar not always showing up in message browser.

Issue: MIRTH-2831

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Fixed more minor TODOs and removed more TODOs that are no longer needed.

Issue: MIRTH-2675

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Updated channel's storage mode panel to indicate whether maps and metadata are stored.

Maps are considered content and errors are considered metadata.



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MIRTH-2802: Added a Paused initial state to channels.
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Added event pruning capability to the message pruner.

Renamed the message pruner plugin to "Data Pruner".

(see previous commit, had to commit client separately)

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If source or destination queues are enabled and the current channel storage settings are not compatible with queueing, throw a deploy exception.

Updated the channel setup ui so that an error message is shown if the user attempts to enable the source queue and the storage setting does not permit using a source queue.

Also fixed a problem when a deploy exception occurs, the channel remained in Donkey's list of deployed channels. Donkey now removes the channel from the list if a DeployException occurs so the channel will not appear in the dashboard.

Issue: MIRTH-2506

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Added tooltip to the "Allow message archiving" checkbox on the channel setup screen

Issue: MIRTH-2415

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Added message archiving capability to the message pruner. (MIRTH-1699)

Rewrote the message export code into a unified engine that is used both by the archiver and the message browser export dialog. Created a MessageWriter interface along with an implementation that writes messages using Apache VFS. Also created a wrapper implementation to support compressing exported message files into an archive.

Created a new unified message export UI panel used in both the pruner settings panel and the message browser export dialog, to accompany the new export engine.

Rewrote the message import code and created a new message import dialog to support importing messages in the various formats now supported by the archiver/exporter.

Added the ability to import messages from the server filesystem. (MIRTH-2311)

Restored the pruner block size option that was removed earlier. (MIRTH-2414)

Added the ability to disable the message pruner completely. (MIRTH-2413)

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Various UI updates/fixes.

Changed ID to Id in Advanced message browser filter

Disable the Add button for custom metadata search if there are no custom metadata columns.

Changed MetaData to Metadata in the advanced message browser filter.

The Error checkbox no longer gains focus after performing a search in the message browser.

Fix checkboxes on the Queue Settings Panel not being aligned properly.

Fix title panes not being aligned properly on the channel steup page.

Moved the bottom of the message storage slider up to align with the options.

Fix the attachmentWarningLabel moving other components when visible.

Changed attachmentWarningLabel and attachment store tooltip to be more descriptive.


Issue: MIRTH-2250

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There is now an option to not store attachments (while still removing them) on the channel setup page.

Removed some extra space on the QueueSettingsPanel

Issue: MIRTH-2271

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MIRTH-2292: Updated the "Wait for previous destination" checkbox tooltip.
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Increased the maximum row count the for source and destination connector comboboxes from 8 to 20 (future proofing) so we don't need to scroll to see all the destination connectors!

Issue: MIRTH-2250

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Added an option to remove message attachments upon completion. The logic behind this is exactly the same as removing message content upon completion.

Issue: MIRTH-2285

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Disallow empty custom column names.

Disallow duplicate custom column names.

Added revert custom column settings button to undo all changes since the last save (Enabled only if any changes were made).

Added confirmation dialog if custom column settings were changed in such a way that existing data would be deleted.

Allow custom column variable mapping to be empty. That way no new values will be mapped to it, but existing values will be saved.

Removed since its settings have been moved directly to the channel setup page.

Issue: MIRTH-1416

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Minor improvements to the layout of components on the Channel Summary screen

Issue: MIRTH-2250

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Added a warning message to the channel summary and destination panels when attempting to set a storage mode that does not support queueing when queueing is enabled.

Issue: MIRTH-2250

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Initial Mirth Connect 3.0 commit. Updated Client to use Donkey.

Issue: MIRTH-2250

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Added tooltips to the options on the channel summary tab.

Issue: MIRTH-2046

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Cleaned up actions for storing message options. Reused those actions when loading the channel instead of setting things to enabled/disabled manually. Fixed all netbeans links to generated code.

Issue: MIRTH-1751

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Renamed com.webreach.mirth to com.mirth.connect and com/webreach/mirth to com/mirth/connect

Issue: MIRTH-1392

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Renaming packages

Issue: MIRTH-1392

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