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Extension page's Version columns are now adjustable. Max: 150, Preferred: 100, Min: 75

Issue: MIRTH-3646

Increased the Version column width for the connectors and plugins tables to fit build numbers.

Issue: MIRTH-3646

MIRTH-3453: Updated the indices for the Extension tasks since Check for Updates was removed. The correct tasks are now displayed when viewing the Extensions pane.
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Added ability to add a server name and organization name under server settings. Server name now appears in the top and bottom bars when set.

Added ability to enable/disable checking for new notifications under user settings.

Added table and queries for user preferences.

Registration panel now appears for every user’s first login. Added industry field to registration panel.

Removed “Check for Updates” feature.

MIRTH-2196, MIRTH-3378, MIRTH-3372, MIRTH-3241

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Added a onCloseAction callback in MirthDialog so the dialogs that extend it can perform an action when the escape key is pressed before closing.

Impleted onCloseAction in various dialogs that require cleanup code when cancelling/disposing of the dialog.

Issue: MIRTH-2474

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Updated MirthDialog to include an ActionListener which registers the escape key and performs the action of disposing the dialog.

All Dialogs that formerly extended the native JDialog were updated to instead extend MirthDialog.

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Updated the license header to work with the updated formatter and re-appended it to all files.
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Fixed more minor TODOs and removed more TODOs that are no longer needed.

Issue: MIRTH-2675

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Initial Mirth Connect 3.0 commit. Updated Client to use Donkey.

Issue: MIRTH-2250

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Created a new implementation of the working stack so that the most recent status is always displayed, even when a prior job finishes. This fixes a bug that caused an incorrect status to be displayed when one job was taking longer than another. Added a new startWorking method that returns an id and a stopWorking method that accepts an id.

Issue: MIRTH-1935

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Removed the save task from extensions. Now enabling and disabling extensions is done individually in the database without requiring a save.

Issue: MIRTH-1711

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Updated the Client extension manager so that the build compiles successfully. The new method of storing whether or not a plugin is enabled is not yet implemented on the client.

Issue: MIRTH-1711

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Added new method for importing file as String rather than File since that is how it was used most of the time

Message list now refreshes immediately after import

Refactored file filter

Issue: MIRTH-1555

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Changed bugtraq:url
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Removed Client Panel Plugins and PluginPanel. Changed ExtensionManager to be included as a core component in Mirth Connect.

Refactored all plugins to use some new abstract methods and removed useless methods.

Issue: MIRTH-1619

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