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MIRTH-4127: Added additional warnings to the reprocess/remove dialogs so that it's harder for users to accidentally affect multiple messages at once. Users are now forced to type something in deliberately in order to perform these actions, though that option can be turned off in the Administrator settings. The User Authorization roles have also been split up so administrators can choose to allow users the ability to remove/reprocess a single message but not multiple at once.
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MIRTH-3025: Tweaked the operator icons a bit.
MIRTH-3025: Moved the operator column into a custom tree-table cell renderer/editor so that is shown inline along with the name.
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MIRTH-3732: Overhauled tags and filtering on the Dashboard and Channels views.

Inside the Channel Edit view, the tags are now set using a single field component, rather than a table. On the Dashboard and Channels views, the wrench icon at the bottom-left has been replaced by the same field component. This filter field can be used to enter tags, specific channels, or free text. If free text is used, it will match on the channel name (ignoring case).

For the dashboard, the filtering is actually done on the server side, so it can potentially speed up dashboard refresh requests for instances that have a lot of channels.

On both views, there are new buttons in the bottom-right, to switch how tags are visible on each channel (either an icon with tool-tip, or a bubble-text label).

There is also a new settings tab for tag configuration. On this view the user can see at a glance how many tags there are across the entire server. The names and background colors can be changed, and channels can be bulk-selected across multiple tags at once. Tags can be added or removed from this view as well.

User Auth permissions for view/manage were added as well.

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MIRTH-1243: Initial commit for channel groups.

Channel groups are essentially to channels what code template libraries are to code templates. A channel may belong to only one group, with the intention that tags (especially with the planned improvements for tags) can and will be used in tandem with groups for mutually beneficial channel management/monitoring. Tags are many-to-many, while groups are one-to-many.

In the common use case where you have multiple hospitals, but each one has its own ADT/ORU/etc. channels, you can organize your channels into groups by hospital/source, while still having "ADT" or "ORU" tags on whatever channels you want as appropriate. Similarly, someone searching for a channel can choose to drill in starting at the hospital level, or can "horizontally" search by filtering on the "ADT" tag across multiple hospitals at once. Or, both! Other planned improvements to tags/filtering will enhance this further.

Both the dashboard and channels views now have an additional level of nodes in their respective tree tables (the channels view is a tree table now, whereas before it was just a regular table). Users can switch modes between "groups view" and "channels view" with a control button down at the bottom of the table. This mode is saved as a user preference, so if someone prefers to see the old channel-level view, he or she doesn't have to constantly switch back to it whenever the Administrator is launched.

On the Channels view, groups can be added/removed/modified. When a group is selected, a settings pane pops up on the bottom of the split pane. You can set the group name/description and select which channels are part of the group. Or if you choose, the channel tree-table now supports drag-and-drop onto itself, so you can easily drag a channel from one group to another.

When a channel group is exported, it creates a single XML file that contains all channels within the group (and in turn, all code template libraries within each respective channel, if you choose). You can still multi-select channels and export them as separate XML files if you want though. Channel groups can be imported as well, and the same conflict resolution is done as for channels.

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Changed the icon for the Notifications task.

Issue: MIRTH-3378

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Added a dialog window for notifications. This window pops up upon login (if enabled) and can also be opened from the "Other" task pane.

Notifications are retrieved based off of server version and all enabled extensions.

Added ability to archive each notification (mark as read).

Added user preference "showNotificationPopup": if enabled, the notification dialog will appear when the user logs in if the "checkForNotifications" preference is also enabled (under Administrator Settings) and if there are new notifications available.

Added user preference "archivedNotifications": a set of notification IDs for each notification marked as archived by the user.

Added setUserPreferences() to UserController to update multiple user preferences at a time.

Updated getUserPreferences() to take a Set of preference names to pull from database.

Added JSON libraries to client. Information sent to and received from the Notification server are in JSON format.

Issue: MIRTH-3378

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MIRTH-3327: Added framework for custom connector properties plugins. The ConnectorProperties class now contains a set of ConnectorPluginProperties objects, which represent additional properties that extensions can add to certain connectors. On the client side a new plugin point ConnectorPropertiesPlugin was added, which is used to show an additional properties section in the connector panel. Each plugin can choose which connectors it supports with the isSupported method. ConnectorPanel now includes all currently installed connector properties plugin panels, and selectively sets the visibility based on the current transport name (same as it does with the other properties panels). Invalid connector plugin properties are handled in a similar way to how invalid channels are handled. The main difference is that channels with invalid connector plugin properties can still be edited and deployed, and the plugin properties are removed on next save. The user is warned when attempting to edit/import a channel/connector if it contains such properties.

MIRTH-3328: Added new plugin point for connector service extensions. These have the ability to intercept connector service invocations and inject their own logic if need be. On the client side, connector properties plugins also have the ability to intercept the response returned from connector services and perform whatever UI actions they need to. The HTTP and Web Service connectors have been modified to use the new client framework for this, and implement the handleConnectorServiceResponse method.

MIRTH-3329: Connectors and connector properties plugins now have the ability to provide custom coloring, icons, tool-tips, etc. for displaying the connector type in the destination table. In addition, custom decorations from connector properties plugins can be used by the regular connector settings panel to perform the same decoration locally. The destination table now contains ConnectorTypeData objects instead of just the transport name, and the data contains the ConnectorTypeDecoration object which holds all the information needed. The HTTP and Web Service sender connectors have been modified to display a yellow "not configured" color when an HTTPS URL is detected.

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Added a "View User API" option under the "Other" tasks to make it easier for the end user to access the Mirth Connect javadoc.

Issue: MIRTH-3225

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Changed "Map Segment" to "Map to Message" and "Filter Segment" to "Filter by Value". Also added the book_next.png icon.

Issue: MIRTH-2347

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Initial Mirth Connect 3.0 commit. Updated Client to use Donkey.

Issue: MIRTH-2250

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Changed bugtraq:url
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Changed EventBrowser to use icons for Level and Outcome columns. Added new error/exclamation icon and refactored the icon names in UIConstants.

Issue: MIRTH-1664

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Renaming packages

Issue: MIRTH-1392

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