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dorylb 02-06-2013 05:22 AM

HL7 Integration with Third Party system

our case is the following:

- We have an application (Developed by us) where all the information about a patient exist, like Patient ID, Case ID, Etc...

- We also has another system (General Electric) which is used in the Radiology.
Once a patient performs a Radio, all the images will be stored in the GE system. Also, when the doctor write the report, this will be saved into the system too.

- We need to export the results or view the results (Images, doctor Reports) through our application.

The output of the GE can be in HL7. We need to know the below:

- How it will be possible to retrieve the information which is related to each report, like Patient ID, Visit ID, and Report Date, Report Code, Doctor Comments, etc...

- we need to know if there is a possible way to convert this HL7 into a PDF form or what ever, etc...

- We also need to know if it is possible to automatically display the HL7 from our application in a readable format for the end users.

my email is: dorymina@gmail.com


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