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abboudygeagea 03-23-2018 12:05 AM

How to Use Global variables/scripts
Hi guys,

I've been looking so long before posting this thread,
I am using mirth connect 3.0.3 and this is what i have:

1st channel: receives XML file, the file name contains "sequential number_PID_ADD" to say to the worklist to add this patient to modality's WL.
PS: the sequential number and the PID are coming from HIS.
Also the last tag in the XML is:
<folername>sequential number_PID</foldername>

after processing this message the modality should send back DICOM images to mirth and it processes them in a different channel than the incoming XML oneto a NAS where the HIS takes them his storage.

my question: can i send the foldername tag data to the other channel and use it in the file writer destination path where I'm writing the DICOM images?

If I'm missing any detail to clarify please let me know.
Thanks in advance :)

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