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rodrosa 07-22-2015 06:07 AM

"Export Connector" issue

I have a problem while trying to export my destination using "Export Connector" option: Mirth Connect throws error "File could not be written." but i can export my channel or do some other export actions without problems..

What happens?

narupley 07-22-2015 07:06 AM

As always, what version, and please post your channel?

rodrosa 07-22-2015 07:09 AM

You can reproduce this without problems? because to attach my channel i need to change many configuration properties, to avoid secure problems..

narupley 07-22-2015 07:14 AM

I'm not able to reproduce it unfortunately... exporting connectors seems to work just fine for me.

rodrosa 07-22-2015 08:21 AM

Found the problem:

The connetor name allow the usage of windows illegal characters.. So when i export it keeping the default value ( Channel + Connector.xml) an error occurs.

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