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Jaypell22 08-28-2019 09:59 AM

Move and convert date from OBX line to OBR
Good afternoon. I am trying to grab the date located in OBX.5 which will always follow "DATE OF SERVICE:" and convert it to YYYYMMDDHHMM date format finally inserting it into OBR.6.2. Can someone guide me in the right direction? Thanks! - Jay

OBX|1||||Referring Physician: TEST REFERRING||||||F|||20190820071530
OBX|3||||Patient Name: TEST PATIENT||||||F|||20190820071530
OBX|5||||RADIOLOGY REPORT:||||||F|||20190820071530
OBX|7||||DATE OF SERVICE: 2019-08-20 02:56:53||||||F|||20190820071530
OBX|9||||IMAGES: 2||||||F|||20190820071530
OBX|11||||EXAM: XR CHEST 2V||||||F|||20190820071530

ISLITM 08-28-2019 10:40 AM

This should work for you, Mirth has a built in date converter which is handy

//Loop through all OBX segments
for each (seg in msg..OBX)
        //Find the "DATE OF SERVICE:" line
        if (seg['OBX.5']['OBX.5.1'].toString().indexOf("DATE OF SERVICE:") != -1)
                //Just get the last portion of the line
                var rawDate = seg['OBX.5']['OBX.5.1'].toString().slice(-19);

                //Convert the date
                var modifiedDate = DateUtil.convertDate("yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss", "yyyyMMddHHmm", rawDate);

                //Insert the date into OBR-6.2
                msg['OBR']['OBR.6']['OBR.6.2'] = modifiedDate;

                //Exit the loop

Jaypell22 08-28-2019 10:57 AM

Brilliant! Thank you for this. It works flawlessly. Regards

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