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dramos70 02-11-2020 12:39 PM

Connecting to SQL database cluster
I am running Mirth Connect version

When our clustered SQL Server database goes down for maintenance, the three node cluster will roll from node 1 to node 2 for example.

Our instance of Mirth Connect fails to automatically connect to the node 2 of the database.

The current workaround that we perform is to stop and start the Mirth Connect service for our application so that it can automatically establish a connection to the next node in the database cluster.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to workaround this issue?

Perhaps something in the conf/mirth.properties file that can be tweaked for the database.url.

Is there anyone in the community who is using a SQL server cluster that does not experience any issues when the database rolls? If so, would you be willing to share your JDBC connection string?
jdbc:sqlserver://sqlcluster_hostname\instancename;DATABASENAME=data basename

I look forward to your replies.
Thank you.

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