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arun.sutharshan 03-04-2019 03:39 AM Combining ACK's - Custom and received ACK from a destination
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Purpose: I'm sharing this here hoping it will benefit someone, and also attract co-experts for further improvement and/or alternative solution(s).

Issue: Mirth Channel is able to respond if a message is processed successfully, by providing its custom ACK message combined with received ACK received another destination channel.

Case scenario: First channel receives messages and validates them, such as message types, field length etc, and even partially process them i.e. updating NOK details.

This first channel then send validated messages to the second channel, and receives ACK's from the second channel, then sends combined ACK back to the source system.

There are four channels setup in the same way, and you could send messages for each of them to see combined ACKs - Use HL7 sender or similar and send to port 6668 (for 4th channel), 7667 (for 3rd channel), 7666 (for 2nd channel), 7665 (for 1st channel).

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