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gojoshi 04-06-2015 07:12 AM

Mirth Advanced alert issue
We have the advanced alert plugin and we’re trying to setup the alerting process so that when a messages errors out, it sends alerts. However, if the errored message is corrected and resent by the original sender, and it processes successfully, the following should happen:
1. The original errored messages should be taken out from the error list automatically, i.e the original error message should be reprocessed, and the error count should be reduced accordingly.
2. Alerts must discontinue for that particular message, after successfully processing.

narupley 04-06-2015 07:23 AM

What issue are you having exactly? What you just described already happens in Mirth Connect when using alerts. Alerts aren't tied to a particular message, but rather to channels. In the escalation level settings, you can create an additional level to escalate to after the first error happens. Then you can specify a duration of time after which the alert level will return to normal. That way, if no more errors occur during that duration, alert actions will stop.

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