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ericb 05-08-2018 02:24 PM

Information Regarding the Status of Mirth Connect Training and Certifications
As you may already be aware, on February 28, 2018, NextGen Healthcare unveiled a new brand identity. As part of this, Mirth Connect was rebranded as NextGen Connect. Since then, many in the Mirth Connect Community who had previously attended the Mirth Connect Certification courses have wondered how this change will affect their certifications.

NextGen Healthcare will continue to provide training and certification for the NextGen Connect Integration Engine. For those who hold current, valid certifications, there will be no change in status, subject to the original terms and conditions of the certification.

We realize, however, that the branding change might cause some confusion for current and prospective employers, recruiters, and the like. Upon request, NextGen Healthcare will reissue certificates for those who hold a current, valid certification. In the near term, this new certificate will indicate the new branding (NextGen Connect) and certification level (e.g., Fundamentals or Advanced), but it will also indicate that it is the equivalent of the previous Mirth Connect certification.

For questions about Mirth Connect/NextGen Connect training and certifications, or to have a certificate reissued, please contact Eric Butterfield at ebutterfield@nextgen.com.

Eric Butterfield
Training Manager Mirth Solutions
NextGen Healthcare


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