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jacobb 03-01-2018 09:49 AM

Mirth Connect is now NextGen Connect
With more than 10 years of open source community support and contributions, Mirth Connect has enabled data exchange for many of the largest healthcare organizations around the globe. This community has come together over these many years to help make interoperability better for hospitals, providers, HIT vendors, and most importantly, for patients.

In our relentless quest for better, we have taken a next step in our evolution to come together as NextGen Healthcare by unveiling a new brand identity, including a change to the Mirth Connect identity. Our commitment to our clients' success, including the vibrant open source community, is unwavering and we will continue to support our Connected Health Solutions. NextGen remains committed to the stewardship of the NextGen® Connect (formerly Mirth Connect) open source project and we look forward to many exciting new releases and community contributions in the years ahead.

tsayers 03-13-2018 11:32 AM

How do we access the Client Portal? The link at the top of the page no longer works.

Edit: I found it. Correct link: https://www.community.nextgen.com/SuccessCommunityLogin

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