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shuhaibk54 07-31-2019 06:16 AM

Arabic characters are no supported in mirth .
I have created mirth http listener accepting a Json and creating Hl7 v2 message. that object contains Arabic name too.

when accepted value from source transformer and displayed using logger.debug(msg['arname']) its displaying as same (شهيب) .

When I generated V2 message, arabic string is displaying in ???? in destination . any kind advise please

My input :
{"mrno":"45789","name":"John", "age":31, "city":"New York","Phone":"904894884","arname":"شهيب"}

My output :
MSH|^~\&|yay|kik|cnc|AL nab|20170830175021||ADT^A08|1708301750_431|P|2.3.1 |431||AL|NE|UK
PID|1|648391|45789||^John^^^????^^L|||31||||New York|904894884|^WPN^^^^^||S||||||||||||UK

kirbykn2 07-31-2019 02:49 PM

what is the encoding set to in Mirth and what is being sent?

shuhaibk54 07-31-2019 10:47 PM

When I tried default encoding :

MSH|^~\&|abc|cbc|cdc|AL gfg|20170830175021||ADT^A08|1708301750_431|P|2.3.1 |431||AL|NE|INDEVN|A08|20170830175021PID|1|648391| 45789||^John^^^????^^L|||31||||New York|904894884|^WPN^^^^^||S||||||||||||SAUDIPV1|1| ||||||||SUR

When I tried with UTF-8

MSH|^~\&|abc|cbc|cdc|AL gfg|20170830175021||ADT^A08|1708301750_431|P|2.3.1 |431||AL|NE|INDEVN|A08|20170830175021PID|1|648391| 45789||^John^^^شهيب^^L|||31||||New York|904894884|^WPN^^^^^||S||||||||||||SAUDIPV1|1| ||||||||SUR

kirbykn2 08-01-2019 08:52 AM

my question remains, what is the encoding in the message you receive?

shuhaibk54 08-01-2019 10:14 PM

Thanks .
Nice . its working .
*when I changed UTF-8 in receiver end too. its receiving perfectly .

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