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briank 10-19-2011 01:52 PM

Early 2012 Training Dates Announced
Mirth Connect Training:
December 12-December 14 (COSTA MESA, CA)
January 23-January 25 (COSTA MESA, CA)
February 21-February 23 (COSTA MESA, CA)
March 5-March 7 (LONDON, UK)

Mirth Appliance Training:
December 15 (COSTA MESA, CA)
January 26 (COSTA MESA, CA)
March 8 (LONDON, UK)

Mirth Certification:
December 16 (COSTA MESA, CA)
January 27 (COSTA MESA, CA)
March 9 (LONDON, UK)

Be sure to check out our training page for more information http://www.mirthcorp.com/services/training

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