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Default No storage = no response

Since message storage impacts the performance of a message, we are experimenting with the message storage options.

Currently, we have the following setup (Mirth Connect 3.4.2):
Channel 1: HTTP Listener
Channel 2: Channel Reader

Channel 1 get's called, forwards the content to channel 2 through javascript.
Channel 2 contains some logic and returns an object (set as response in the source tab).
Channel 1 retrieves the object with the getMessage(); function.

This obviously works, but when we lower the message storage for channel 2, getMessage(); can't be called, instead we receive an error because the response of channel 2 is null / undefined.

Should we use attachments instead? Or are there any other options?

Also I think it might be a good idea to be able to set a custom logging profile.
This way the user can decide which messages to store (e.g. only response & raw).

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