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Originally Posted by obsessio View Post
As you know that last year we had only one training/certification program with Appliance training. But now separated in 3 different trainings,
  • Mirth Connect Fundamentals Certification Training
  • Mirth Connect Advanced Certification Training
  • Mirth Connect Certification + Mirth Appliance Training

So last year, I got the "Mirth Connect Certification + Mirth Appliance training". When I look at my training syllabus I think it covers Fundamentals and Advanced. Is this true? Can you give more details about Advanced training and differences between "MC Certification + Mirth Appliance Training".

Last question is can someone attend Advanced training without taking Fundamentals?
The training that you attended in July 2015 was essentially what we renamed as the "Mirth Connect Fundamentals Certification Training", but with Appliance training included. We removed the Appliance training day from the course in August 2015 to make it a 4-day class. Currently, the Appliance training day is only available for on-site trainings (the "Mirth Connect Certification + Mirth Appliance Training" that you referred to in your post). Really, what's listed on the website should read "Mirth Connect Fundamentals Certification + Mirth Appliance Training".

The "Mirth Connect Advanced Certification Training" course is a completely different course that was introduced in October 2015, and with it, an advanced-level certification. It's much more focused on coding aspects of Mirth Connect, as well as topics such as web services (both SOAP and REST).

You can download the syllabuses for both the Fundamentals and Advanced classes on our Mirth Solutions Training page here: https://www.nextgen.com/Interoperabi...tions/Training. Just scroll down to the "Additional Information" section toward the bottom of the page to find the links. Please note, however, that the syllabuses are subject to change, and sometimes do change as new versions of Mirth Connect are released.

Finally, to answer your last question, attending the Fundamentals class is a prerequisite for attending the Advanced class. However, you have already fulfilled that when you attended the training. Essentially, if you've ever attended a Mirth Connect training class, you're eligible to attend the Advanced class.

I'll also point out that we have Advanced classes currently scheduled for May 1-4, 2017 in Irvine, California and May 15-18, 2017 in London, UK.

Hope this helps! Please feel free to let me know if you have any other questions.

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