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Old 05-24-2011, 07:50 AM
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Default How to separate messages coming on a single port?


I am trying to achieve this using Mirth:

On a particular port, some process is gonna send different types of HL7 messages- A04, R01, A08. I am planning to receive these messages using Mirth. Once I receive these messages, I will write each one of them to a file. To process each type of file, I will be using my custom Java applications. So App1 will process A04, App2 will process A08 and App3 will process R01. Each of these Apps will be polling a separate directory and will assume that only that type of message will be placed in that directory, which type they are expecting.

Now, my problem is, since I am listening on only one port, is there a way by which I can look into each incoming HL7 message, identify which type it is and write it to a particular directory? I though I could do this using different 'destinations', but that did not work. It is writing each message to each destination.

Is it even possible? I know sending each type on different port is an option, but I want to do this using just one port.

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