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Default Advanced Clustering plugin released!

The Advanced Clustering Plugin for Mirth Connect is now available to Platinum subscribers!

The plugin, along with a user guide, can be downloaded from the Mirth Client Portal.

The Advanced Clustering plugin improves your ability to manage and monitor a cluster of Mirth Connect servers. From the Mirth Connect dashboard, it allows you to:
  • Monitor the status of each server
  • Deploy/start/stop/pause channels across all servers
  • View message statistics totals for the entire cluster, or statistics for a particular server
  • View any errors that occurred across the cluster while deploying/starting/stopping channels

An automatic message takover feature improves the availability of your cluster. If one server in the cluster fails, another server will automatically resume processing of any queued or unfinished messages from the failed server, without any manual intervention required.

The plugin improves your ability to run and maintain an active/active (load-balanced) cluster. Additional servers can be added on the fly to improve overall performance of the cluster and as well as availability.

Also, there are certain operations that should only be executed by a single server in an active/active cluster. The plugin allows you to designate a preferred server to handle each of these tasks:
  • Executing the data pruner
  • Polling for messages from an external source (File Reader, Database Reader, JavaScript Reader)

The plugin may be installed on standalone Mirth Connect instances which are clustered using your own load-balancing or fail-over solution and are each connected to a single shared database. However the plugin is designed to work best with Mirth Appliances, providing built-in integration with the Appliance's load-balancing and fail-over services.
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