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Exclamation Mirth Connect: Web Service WCF Architecture

Hello Friends,

Below is the Architecture I'm creating using Mirth Connect FREE.

1) Hundreds of hospitals sending HL7 ADT messages to a WCF Web Service.

2) The Web Service WCF sends the messages through an End Point MLLP to a "VALIDATOR" channel of the Mirth.

3) The channel "VALIDATOR" checks the message and returns an ACK (Success or Error) to Web Service WCF.

If the message has no error the message is saved in a folder called "HL7_OK"

4) Another channel called "HL7_READER" retrieves the messages from the "HL7_OK" folder and sends the data to a "Store Procedure" (SQL SERVER) that processes and persists the data in the definitive tables.


1) Can I maintain this architecture using I/O Folder Read and Write ?

2) Is it better to change the I / O for a Message Queue?

3) Can I use MSMQ?

4) My server is 100% Windows.
What are the other Message Queue options?

I read about Apache ActiveMQ.
But it did not work on Mirth.

5) Can I implement this Architecture with the free version of the Mirth?

Thanks a lot !
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