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Forgot about this. I found MDHT, mdht.projects.openhealthtools.org . It's far more than a simple CDA library, but it can be used to generate one. They have an unofficial "standalone" release that works fairly well. Essentially you translate the standard into UML using their eclipse plugin, then that gets fed into their parser which spits out Java classes, those can then be used to actually read/write/validate messages from that standard.

Originally Posted by csmith View Post
I dunno, but how come there's so many XML standards for sending medical info? What drives this sort of thing? Is there a comprehensive, curated list somewhere? How do you tell a boondoggle standard from one that's for real? Are there any statistics on actual usage? You guys at Mirth are in a position to know this sort of thing probably better than anybody.
The real driver is actual customers. Mirth really isn't that different from our users, if a customer has a need we try to fill it.

In my opinion, I think that the driver is the standards bodies and the big medical software vendors. If HL7.org, IBM, and GE are all using something, then the rest of us had better get on board because we'll have to talk to those systems sooner or later.

As far as actual standards, theres HL7v2 as XML and v3 which is "new". CDA is closely related to v3, both are sponsored by HL7.org. Then theres CCR from ASTM, which I really like. It's most visible backer is Google for Google Health. Finally theres CCD which I think is supposed to be a bridge between CDA and CCR.

Naturally a copy of each standard costs money, though most public libraries have the ASTM standard set available.
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