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Originally Posted by xiw022 View Post
Thank you for your reply! That helps a lot. But what if I don't have the boolean column in the source database. Since I'm trying to poll database from the hospital system? Is there any other way to achieve that? I assume Mirth should be able to somehow by default. Thank you!
Because Mirth Connect it so versatile it allows you to code for your specific needs. There is no way it can anticipate every scenario. How would it know if a record has already been processed?? You're asking Mirth to think for you. There are far too many databases to code for every possibility.

You could create a separate database to house the record ids that you've already processed. Then when you need to process a record from the main database you can run the id by the new database and see if it's been run before.

There are several ways to get around this.
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