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Default Java libraries for CDA (CCD, HL7v3)

I am working on processing CDA messages for a Java application. CDA is yet another XML standard for sending medical information, it is closely related to CCD and HL7v3.

I have already reviewed the following libraries and found them lacking, promising, but lacking.

- JAXB - Feed it a CDA XSD and let it generate classes. It'll work, but it doesn't really provide much more than a Java layer to access the XML
- HL7 JavaSIG from Regenstreif - Promising, but half the project appears to be hidden under the label "encumbered" with little information about how to gain access or get that data through proper channels.
- MDHT - Early releases, tightly bound to the modeling tools in Eclipse. Seems like it'll work, but very steep learning curve.

Any suggestions for libraries to look at?
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