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Default Re: Let us know how you're using Mirth!

I posted something similar on the old site, but here's an update:

We're a clinical medical laboratory in NE Ohio. Several of our clients (around 100 nursing homes in Ohio and West Virginia) place lab orders and retrieve results via a web site (running Apache, Tomcat, PHP, and uses a PostgreSQL backend), and I use Mirth to handle HL7 LLP transactions between the web site and our new LIS (Seacoast Laboratory Data Systems "SurroundLabPlus"). The Mirth interface between the LIS and the web site has been in operation for a little over a month, and has performed beyond expectations.

Using a combination of Mirth to handle order information and barcode technology to look up orders sent via HL7, we have decreased sample processing time significantly, resulting in faster turn-around time for lab results and happier clients. Using Mirth to process lab results has allowed me much more creativity in what I can offer our clients - several feature requests that have been around for years have finally been implemented.

I am currently working with some of our clients to deliver lab results via HL7/LLP/IPsec to their EMR systems. Mirth will play a key role in this, using filters to ensure that results only go the proper recipient, and transformers to convert the HL7 results feed into whatever the client requires on their side.

A lot of functionality for the cost of a new Linux server to run Mirth (made sense for our infrastructure) and a few barcode scanners...

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