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What's HL7?
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Question Please help me-Continued

Originally Posted by mainak.paul View Post
Hello All,

Greetings !
I am a novice to HL7 and only know few things about it(havenot worked on any Interface Engines nor Interface Implementations).
I had been lookings through various forums and all of them suggested and advised me about MIRTH.

So, I need all your help in guiding me in learning and mainly starting to work on HL7 Interface Integration between two disperate clinical applications.

Its something like this ,let me explain my query with an example.

"We have a Epic HIS system that places orders(lab,medications..etc) presently.Now,next these lab orders are to be verified and resulted in
a seperate Cerner application.

For this,what i understand is there has to be a INTERFACE ENGINE which has to read the HL7 messages coming from the EPIC system and
translate them to proper messages for the Cerner SYSTEM and then write into their database.

So,could you please explain me with an example about how an interface engine is implemented which reads the HL-7 messages first and translates them
to Cerner application format.

How will i implement a Interface Engine here which would read the EPIC data?

What steps are involved? An example would be best.

Mainly,orders are first placed in EPIC and is to resulted in Cerner applications.

**PLEASE PLEASE help me with understanding the process,and how to do interface intregation with an Interface Engine?

I am very much looking forward to your help and support.


HI all,

I havenot received any suggestions/advise for my query. Is my query not much related to what is usually asked here?

Please correct me if i hve missed anything and hope you all will surely help me
with your suggestions.

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