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Default Database Reader Thread Count

Issue at hand: I need to send hundreds of thousands of records from a database over an MLLP network connection to a remote server. We have to convert each DB record into a HL7 v2.6 message prior to sending it over. My first 3 attempts that this take days at a time to process.

Mirth Version: 3.4.2
database: SQL SERVER


Source Connector DB Reader:

Set to queue, respond before transformer, and no response.

I have a db reader polling every 10 seconds for rows of data where a single flag is set.

I currently have Max Processing Thread set to just 1.

Post Process SQL:
After each message is processed the flag is set to complete so this message will not process again.

Destination Connector: MLLP
There is only 1 connector

One of the transformer steps queries for more information to form repeating DG1 segments for a given encounter. This doesn't seem like a choke point but I want to mention this for completeness in case I am not understanding a vital point.

Connection is kept open.

Destination set to queue automatically and the number of threads are set to 10.

1.In dashboard view my destination queue is always reporting it is at 9. Source will be 0 to 3. How does that work? I have expected the source to be setting at my queue buffer size or have destination threads queue instead of each thread having 1 message waiting.

2. How does increasing the MAX Processing Threads on the source queue assist with overall channel through put. Please see this mirth connect thread from last year. I have toyed with this setting but see no difference.

3.How does having multiple destination queues help with throughput? I only have 1 destination over the network. I only ever see one message being processed in the dashboard messages view. I do not see 3 or 4 messages processing at a destination the same time.
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