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I increased the number of destination queues to 20 and increased the time out from 5 seconds to 9 seconds. The result was horrible. I started getting receiving the response, response timeout, connection refused, client refused connection errors. I am now trying to reduce the number of threads and parallel connections. I have had to increase the response timeout to 30 full seconds.

You seem to be correct in that the bottle neck is somewhere else. I am thinking destination system. The network response/message processing seems monstrously slow. But that is with multiple threads running.

Putting that aside, please clarify what i need to do to properly test the message blast. So far, I have downloaded and imported the channel you attached a few posts ago. I changed the <result/> XML Node to contain a message that would have come from the database. This will always be the same record. I used the same naming scheme the message format would have if it came out of the database. Is this all I need to do?
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