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Wanted to update a final post to this in case my discoveries can help anyone else. We are moving to EPIC as a HIS and the interface we are battling is the incoming patient info channel. We have made changes to the channel and now have over 1 million patient visits loading into the environment within just a few days.

For each visit sent over the interface the HIS needs to scan the visit record with in turn grows with each new visit. This scanning causes the interface to run slower than say the Materials Item master input or Orders feed.

We have the database reader source (queue turned on, 1 processing thread) and 1 destination running(queue turned on, always queue message, 3 threads). Using this setup we have gotten to about 100 messages per minute. This input takes ~5 days. Absolutely all the Filters/transformers are on the source connector. The destination is just a bare bones MLLP connection. Turn the message level down to RAW.

Thanks to Nick Rupley for the quick replies and excellent suggestions. The first time we tired this push it took over 12 days. We have seen just over a 50% reduction in the time it took.
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