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Old 08-12-2013, 09:26 AM
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Default My custom ResponseMap is missing; Mirth Connect v3 RC1

Using v3 RC1

A channel relies on a custom Response built in the destinations to use as a Response in the Source/Response Settings.

In a Destination's Template, we state:

responseMap.put('ResponseHL7v2', ResponseFactory.getSuccessResponse(myhl7));

This entry is not seen on that destination nor any further destinations. The Response entries are all [d1, d2, d3, ]

When this code executes in v2.2.2, it outputs the expected:

SUCCESS: MSH|^~\&|ADM|.......

I also saw the warning about this method being deprecated.

When I switched to use .getSentResponse(myhl7) there's no difference in behaviour.

If I log the values here, I only see "SENT".

How can I use custom Responses in v3 RC1?

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