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Default Mirth Email Reader

I apologize if this has been answered before but I've searched this site for the answer and even online and have found it. The solution I did find just stated to use the Java mail API but didn't explain.

Can someone, please, point me to directions or tutorial on connecting to a POP3 mailbox, pulling the PDF attachment from the email, saving the PDF to a directory then deleting the email. I would settle just for a tutorial on using the email reader. I can't find this anywhere.

My initial thoughts were the following. I'm new to Mirth too, by the way.
  • Create an Email Reader Channel to connect to mailbox
  • Create a transformer to read the email and extract the PDF
  • Save the PDF data into the channelMap object
  • Set the Destination to FileWriter to write PDF

Obviously, I do not know how to accomplish this so ANY tutorial on using the EmailReader will be very helpful.
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