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Default Auto Generated responses - what do they respond?

Hello everyone,

I'm trying to solve a (for me) tricky one challenge.

I have a webservice listener which is listening for SOAP envelopes.
These SOAPs can trigger 3 different types of messages.

Right now I do the following:
my source is configured to respond after processing
I created a variable "response" like
responseMap.put('response', ...);
This variable contains, depending on the trigger, a response for the webservice sender. It works so far.

My problem is, that one of the triggers is doing a SMB/FTP upload. This upload can fail if the server is not available. So I am running in a timeout. This is usually 20 seconds.
Now my channel waits for additional 20 seconds to send the response if I have smb/ftp problems.

Is there a way to solve this? I want an immediate response but still dynamically on the SOAP Trigger.

Thank you in advance

EDIT: Well my title doesn't fit the question anymore, sorry for the confusion. Maybe the autogenerated responses can help me? But I cannot tell what they do at all and what they contain.

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