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Old 04-23-2014, 11:08 PM
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Originally Posted by narupley View Post
Yes it should resolve that issue, because it was never really an authentication issue to begin with. That is, your username/password was fine, it was just the servlet code handling the login that was failing.
Nick - big thanks again for providing the workaround above. So, the servlet code was looking for "channels" tables vs. "CHANNEL", not finding it and hiding an exception but popping the "Invalid Username of Password" instead?

Good "lesson learned" story for all of us, here are a couple of things I would conclude from this experience as a Mirth user/developer:

1. Improve error messaging: the Invalid Login was VERY misleading and sent us along the path of checking DB connectivity, resetting "admin" password etc. Something more like "System experienced internal error, please see details in the Log file"?

2. Speaking of the log file: despite the fact that logging levels in mirth.properties are all set to DEBUG:

# Mirth Connect channel logging
log4j.logger.transformer = DEBUG
log4j.logger.preprocessor = DEBUG
log4j.logger.postprocessor = DEBUG
log4j.logger.deploy = DEBUG
log4j.logger.shutdown = DEBUG
log4j.logger.filter = DEBUG
log4j.logger.db-connector = DEBUG
log4j.logger.js-connector = DEBUG
log4j.logger.attachment = DEBUG
there were NO messages about failing servlet in the log, last one was always:
INFO 2014-04-23 22:48:53,569 [Thread-2] com.mirth.connect.server.Mirth: Web server running at and
and no more details which otherwise would help to get to the root cause.

Don't mean this as a criticism, just a feedback - and thanks again for answering all of my questions (except one about the proper input format for XML with namespaces passed into Web Service Listener

Dan Z
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