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Old 03-11-2010, 01:21 AM
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Originally Posted by nickydavid View Post
Thanks for the quick response. Just a couple of questions to clarify:
1. So in total I need 3 destinations. The last two will test the result of the first?
2. route method in javascript: Did you mean 'router.routeMessage(channelName, 'message');'. I thought this method only lets you route messages to channels and not destinations. Am I wrong?
The last question I had is about sending an error response, in another task I had used responseMap.put("ACKResponse", ResponseFactory.getSuccessResponse(finalResponse))
in a postscript to send back a response .. that was the only way to get it to work. So if you say that I have one destination for sending back the error, how exactly do I do it? I do not have the url/port number of where the hl7message comes in from to be able to send it back. I was looking for some sort of NACK sort of a thing.

Greatly appreciate your help.
Thanks a ton,
someone can answer to the second question?
many thanks!
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