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Old 12-01-2016, 12:41 AM
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Question Get the complete processed message string in the Post-processor channel

I'm following the Narupley's suggestion

"Alternately you could also choose Postprocessor, and then build up a custom response that you return in the postprocessor script. "

This is the Post-processor screen:


Now my custom socket is receiving the post-processor response string


Is a way to get the complete processed message string in the Post-processor channel?

1. MyCustomSocket send a NCPDP message to Mirth
2. Mirth receive this NCPDP message and convert it to XML
3. In the post-processor channel I need to return the processed XML string
4. Mirth return this "processed XML string" to my MyCustomSocket as response.

For testing purpose I'm returning a "The processed message string", but I need the complete XML response string instead.
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