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Old 01-08-2015, 09:13 AM
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Default Remove 1 OBX line based on beginning text

Hi All. I am trying to remove a single OBX line from an ORU that will not be on the same line number each time. This line will always begin with "EXAM:" in OBX.5 and may be capitalized, lower case or a combination. The text "EXAM" will be in other lines but will never be at the beginning of the line. Thanks for any help. Example message below.

OBX|1|ST|||Referring Physician: TEST REF||||||P||||||
OBX|3|ST|||Patient Name: TEST PATIENT||||||P||||||
OBX|5|ST|||FINAL REPORT||||||P||||||
OBX|6|ST||| ||||||P||||||
OBX|7|ST|||EXAM: CT abdomen with contrast and CT pelvis with contrast||||||P||||||
OBX|8|ST||| ||||||P||||||
OBX|9|ST|||IMAGES: 306||||||P||||||
OBX|10|ST||| ||||||P||||||
OBX|11|ST|||EXAM DATE AND TIME: 2015-01-08 02:56:07.0||||||P||||||
OBX|12|ST||| ||||||P||||||
OBX|13|ST|||REASON FOR EXAM: ||||||P||||||
OBX|14|ST||| ||||||P||||||
OBX|15|ST|||Left abdominal pain||||||P||||||
OBX|16|ST||| ||||||P||||||
OBX|17|ST|||COMPARISON: None.||||||P||||||
OBX|18|ST||| ||||||P||||||
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