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Originally Posted by tpkinc View Post

First task is to drop the ANSI 4010 837 using X12 data typing and see if I can get a message tree to publish.
Post falling on deaf ears, but here is a update in case some poor soul is in same boat as me. I had little trouble getting off the dime pasting a 4010 837i file in as Import Template leaving Output template blank. I have found Outbound templates to be too literal and more trouble than they are worth. I was able to get a modified 4010 to publish without doing anything fancy. I built a transformer adding extra fields like Country Code, PER email address to select segments, removed phased out segments, etc. Because my files are a predictable with one Pay to Provider Name I was able to subtract the SE segment counter by the number of segments I deleted.

A concern I have will be if I need to insert segments like the new Insurance Plan information. I don't have that info in my 4010 source file or CSV. I am using no Database and am just transforming source to destination. I suppose I could preload insurance plan information into an array from a spreadsheet in global template, and call it as a function to create these new segments. That could get tricky for me being new to javascript.

This has been fun brainstorming with myself . I am surprise more peeps aren't scrambling like me to find solutions for their legacy customers on 4010. Where is everyone?
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