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Your question is quite widespread, looks like you have not a lot of knowledge of how things work. So try to learn more about HL7 and also your softwares that need to communicate.

Basically, some piece of software (HIS, LIS, ...) sends out pieces of information about patients (like demographics, orders, etc.) . This information is routed to one or more other systems that pick it up and do someting with it.

Sending and receiving can be done with files, socket connections, and more others.

Mirth is intended to provide transformations and routing tasks between the different systems. There are several reasons for this:

- Usually you have one single output (e.g. one file per piece of information), but you have several destinations (e.g. your HIS sends to Lab, RIS, Kitchen, ...)
- Although HL7 is a standard, messages need sometimes be adapted to specific needs of some software (e.g. translating department IDs, processing special characters, rearranging adress information, ...); not all software respects the standards completely, so you have to translate !
- Mirth provides backup/archiving of your messages if you want it, and you can go back in message history to see what had been transmitted, very useful in case of problems.

Best for you would be to contact the vendors or the manufacturers of both your applications that neet to communicate. Usually, they have outgoing and incoming interface engines. (You should check if you have the licenses for the interface engines, otherwise you have to purchase them first)
Then you need to analyze the requirements and specifications of both sides and work out the required translations, then implement them, do some testing, etc.

It is not a good idea to read/write directly in databases of some applications without the agreement of the manufacturer.

Even if no particular processing would be needed for your current interface, I'd recommend Mirth anyway, as the need for interfaces will surely increase. The more I work with Mirth, the more I see places where an interface would be nice, or I find ways to solve problems in an easy and efficient way.

BTW, you should post this kind of general request in the Mirth connect forum ...

JJ Mouris
FFE Luxembourg

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