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Another thing you'll want to do is set the appropriate Rhino language version when you launch the shell. I'm assuming you found this already https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/...ts/Rhino/Shell

For all mirth versions prior to 3.7 mirth runs with version 0 (I realize they don't list it as a valid option on that page, but it is.) They call this the "default" version. It's roughly equivalent to 160.

In 3.7 they let you specify the rhino version in the mirth.properties file. If you upgrade to 3.7 from a prior version it will keep the version of default. In a fresh install it will be set to ES6, which is actually Rhino version 200. The rhino that ships with 3.7 will launch the shell in version 180 if you don't specify.

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