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Default Re:Mirth message volume

quimicefa wrote:
In addition to the above, I've got a rate of +300.000 msg/hour taking data with a SOAP listener and writing the message to a remote SFTP server. All the messages are stored in the database (Oracle 10) installed in the same box.

These tests were performed with a Dell 8 core box, linux ... etc. Is an enterprise class server.

I think that Mirth really doesn't have any problem with the performance, as 300.000msg/hour is at least 1000 times higher than any rate I've never seen in a production environment.
Does your channel have a source transformer or filter? How about a destination transformer or filter? What version of mirth are you using? I'm interested to see what type of channel is getting you these numbers in your environment. If you wouldn't mind, perhaps you could e-mail me the channel at jacobb@webreachinc.com.

A different channel makes all the difference in the world. Some connectors take longer to establish connections or receive data. If you have a filter/transformer then your data is generally serialized from HL7 to XML which also greatly slows down processing. With a simple optimized routing channel, I wouldn't be entirely surprised to see numbers higher than 1000 messages per second.
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