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Old 08-27-2015, 05:43 AM
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Default Feature Request: LDAP Username Normalization

Using Mirth Connect with LDAP Authorization plugin

I have made use of the LDAP modules for several products and find that the capitalization of usernames is often overlooked. Can their be a fix to normalize the username when using LDAP, like forcing the new account that is created to either all uppercase or all lowercase within mirthconnect? If a user mistypes the capitalization, it still authenticates, however a new user is created that is assigned to no role. example Bob.Smith will authenticate the same as boB,smitH creating a new account on Mirthconnect.

I was not sure if there was the possibility of reviewing the code, but this fix should be simple. Possibly give the choice of which scheme and administrator would like to use...But my preference would be all lowercase regardless of what I type in.

Note: also noticed that parsing AD containers/Units in the configuration has problems with for instance groups with spaces in their names. 'Domain Users' for example.....

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