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4. Word-Wrap
Purpose: If for some reason, you need to perform some Work Wrapping, then this function emulates PHP's 'wordwrap'.

-The string to be wrapped.
-The column width (a number, default: 75)
-The character(s) to be inserted at every break. (default: \n)
-The cut: a Boolean value (false by default).

function wordwrap( str, width, brk, cut ) {
  brk = (brk ? brk :\n);
  width = (width ? width : 75);
  cut = (cut ? cut : false);
    if (!str) { return str; }
    var regex = '.{1,' +width+ '}(\\s|$)' + (cut ? '|.{' +width+ '}|.+$' : '|\\S+?(\\s|$)');
    return str.match( RegExp(regex, 'g') ).join( brk );
The function can be called by:
wordwrap('The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.', 20, '<br/>\n');
The quick brown fox <br/>
jumped over the lazy <br/>
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