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Old 05-23-2018, 05:41 AM
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giving your HL7 example, i develop a JavaScript code in the Transformer in order to split and build up again the HL7 message. It can be done in another way and this is just a "quick fix"
Create a new channel that receives HL7 with name "HL7Receiver" and on the channel that receives the full HL7 to split, put this code on the Transformer:

var arrOBR=[];
var arrOBX=[];
var arrNTE=[];

var xml;

for each (var seg in msg.children())
    if(seg.name() == "OBR")

    if(seg.name() == "OBX")

    if(seg.name() == "NTE")

for each(var i=0; i<arrOBR.length; i++)
    xml=new XML();
    xml="<HL7Message>" + 
            msg['MSH'].toString() + "\r\n" +
            msg['PID'].toString() + "\r\n" +
            msg['NTE'][0].toString() + "\r\n" +
            msg['ORC'].toString() + "\r\n" +
            arrOBR[i].toString() + "\r\n" +
            arrOBX[i].toString() + "\r\n" +
            arrNTE[i].toString() + 

    router.routeMessage('HL7Receiver', SerializerFactory.getSerializer('HL7V2').fromXML(tmp));
Note: in this code i assume that the same amount of OBR - OBX - NTE is the same. I'm not handling exceptions.
And the Transformer Outbound message type should be XML Type.
Best Regards,
Alex Neiva

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