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Default New here! Question about alerts.

Hi everyone. New user here. I am currently evaluating Mirth as a replacement for Pervasive Data Integrator 9. Over the last few weeks, I've been lurking the forums for information, watching the vidoes, and recreating our existing message processes as Mirth channels. I like what I've seen so far, and plan to really put Mirth through the paces once my network team opens up the ports in our test environment.

One thing that makes Mirth attractive is the Dashboard and Alerts, but it looks like alerts require specific events to trigger them. What if I wanted to set up an event for a lack of event? In other words, if I set up a channel to listen to inbound messages, and I want to know when the number of incoming messages drops to 100 per hour or less, how would I achieve this? Often, when incoming message traffic begins to slow, it's a sign of further problems with our billing platform, and we'd like to get in front of it.

I have other questions, but I'll post them in separate threads.
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