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Old 04-18-2016, 10:39 AM
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For managing DB connections my approch is to use a connection pool implmentation. In my case we UCP but you can use c3po or hikary (like mirth does). Opennign a db connection every time you need one is not advisable since it is a costly operation.

The approch is to mantain a global map with a reference to the Connection pool manager . This global map is initiated by some global deploy script that simply loads the connection pool if it is not already initiated.

Then I have a simple function (code template) that allows me to get a database connection whenever I need one. sysGetDbConnection(POOL_NAME). This function uses the global map to get a db connection from the pool.

We use ORACLE UNIVERSAL CONNECTION POOL has the connection pool implmentation. It is free and works well with ojdbc drivers.
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