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Default Replace in All Descendant XML Nodes

UPDATE: I've created a public GitHub repository to track these example channels, code templates, scripts, or whatever else!


To start with I only added the ones I wrote, because I didn't want to presume and add code from others without their explicit permission. Pull requests welcome!
replaceAllInXML: Recursively iterates through all descendant nodes of an E4X XML object and makes a string replacement.

This is useful if you want to make a global replacement in your message but only want to do it for a specific connector. Obviously you can do this in a preprocessor, but if you only want it to happen for a single destination, this function will allow you do to that easily.

  • parent: The node to recursively iterate through.
  • regexp: The regular expression to test against at each leaf (text) node. This should be a RegExp object, like "new RegExp('foo','g')" or "/foo/g".
  • replacement: The string with which to replace.

  • Replace all single quotes (') with two single quotes (''), e.g. to prepare for inserting into a database:
  • If any dates occur in a PID or OBR segment that do not have the hour/minute/second defined (i.e. it's only yyyyMMdd, like "20130206"), then add on the HHmmss ("000000"). This might be used to send to a system that requires those date fields to be in the full yyyyMMddHHmmss format.
    for each (seg in msg.*.(function(){return/PID|OBR/.test((new XML(this)).name())}()))

The code:

function replaceAllInXML(parent,regexp,replacement) {
	for each (child in parent.children())
		if (child.hasComplexContent())
			parent.children()[child.childIndex()] = child.toString().replace(regexp,replacement);
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