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The background of bylaws section 03.02.02 is the following

You have to be a member to HL7 if you want to get the published specifications. A couple of different membership levels exist depending of the purpose the member has.

A company has to become an organisational member to use the specifications for generating software. As an individual member, you may use the standard documentation for personal usage, which of course is not redistribution of software.

This model is quite logical, otherwise companies would choose a personal membership for one of their employees to get the standard as a cheap solution.

It's quite normal that you have to be a member of a standards organisation to have access to the standards.Remember that the development of the standard is based on the money gained by the membership fees and a lot of voluntary work.

Last but not least: The bylaws do not say that it will be a copyright fraud producing HL7 compatible SW. It says that you might loose the right to be a personal member of HL7 if you use the standard documentation for things other than granted.

One last word on HL7's gforge:
The software beeing there is not for creating HL7 compliant interfaces. The GFORGE contains tools beeing necessary to develop and maintain the HL7 standard.

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