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Question Custom response in Webservice Listener

How can I change the SOAP envelope in the webservice listener response?

I send something like that <return>hello world<return> and I need to replace return by <MesOut>hello world</MesOut>.

I tried to put the code u can see below, in a java class that extends acceptMessage, but didn't make nothing.

@WebMethod(operationName = "S044")
public String S044(@WebParam(mode=Mode.IN,name="MesIn",targetNam espace="http://MGM.Servicios/") String messageIn,@WebParam(mode=Mode.OUT,name="MesOut",targetNamesp ace="http://MGM.Servicios/") Holder<String> messageOut) {
return webServiceMessageReceiver.processData(messageIn.to String());

I know the class is included correctly because the parameter MesIn work OK.

Also I want to know how I can recieve a XML that's not send as a String.(The webservice only recieve a null)

Thanks for the help.
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