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Default Installing Mirth on Ubuntu - A How To

Hi all. I recently set up Mirth for a client on Ubuntu and thought I would share these very simple instructions as this forum has always been so helpful for me.

--everything as root
sudo -su root

--install yum to download java openjdk
apt install yum-utils

--download java openjdk
sudo apt-get install openjdk-8-jre

--Mirth Basic Installation

--verify it is openjdk 1.8.0_xxx
java -version

--add this to /etc/environment
--not a fan of this as to future upgrades
--while it will be backwards compatible this enviornmental variable
--should be maintained with java upgrades or process improved by the Ubuntu Admin

--restart to activate enviornment variable
/sbin/shutdown -r now

--go back to root
sudo -su root

--changing to home folder (in my case jason so change accordingly) so I know where the proceeding download will be
cd /home/jason

--download specific mirth download file (or retrive latest download file from site)
wget http://downloads.mirthcorp.com/conne...94-unix.tar.gz

--unzip mirth download (update filename as necessary)
tar xvfz mirthconnect-3.5.1.b194-unix.tar.gz

--copy mirth software to an appropriate folder
mv Mirth\ Connect/ /opt/mirthconnect

--cleanup download (update filename as necessary)
rm mirthconnect-3.5.1.b194-unix.tar.gz

--start mcservice
/opt/mirthconnect/mcservice start

--verify status
/opt/mirthconnect/mcservice status

-verify 8080 in broswer

--verify 8443 in broswer

--set to automatic service startup
--this needs to be defined by the Ubuntu admin
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