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Default CSV Transformer Removing Quotes

Hello All,

I have a Mirth channel that reads a csv, queries MSSQL for patient email addresses, then writes a new csv with the queried emails. It all works with one exception... the final data file doesn't have the double quotes (") and I can't figure out where they went or how to get them back.

Here is some dummy data I have been reading:

And here is the final data after Mirth transformer:

As best as I can tell my transformer javascript isn't causing this. When I remove the transformer code I am still missing the quotes. If I change the Destination Template to Raw I get the quotes back but the output doesn't include the emails. I changed all the Data Types to Delimited Text and used Default settings.

What am I missing that would allow the final, encoded, transformed data to include quotes around all the elements?

Thank you!

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